Internet - Acceptable Use Policy

This Policy sets forth the principles that govern the use by customers of the systems, services and products provided by Nushagak Cooperative. The AUP has been created to promote the integrity, security, reliability and privacy of Nushagak Cooperative’s systems and the Nushagak network. Please read prior to signing up for service.

a. Compliance with Law

b. Prohibited Uses of Nushagak Cooperative’s Systems, Services and Products

The following uses of Nushagak Cooperative’s systems, services and products are expressly prohibited:

i. Prohibited Actions: General Conduct

ii. Prohibited Actions: System and Network Security

iii. Prohibited Actions: E-Mail

iv. Prohibited Actions: Individual Accounts

c. Complaint and Enforcement

d. Liability

e. Miscellaneous

iii. Nushagak Cooperative Is Not Responsible For Content

iv. Removal of Materials