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Nushagak Electric & Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is a member owned and operated Cooperative that provides electric, telephone, cable TV and internet services.

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Nushagak Cooperative would like to invite our members to participate in the annual outside Christmas Light Extravaganza.

The Holiday Season is here and what better way to express your enthusiasm than by decorating your home, yard or business with lights.

All businesses and residential customers are welcome to participate.

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How to Scan your Set Top Box
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UNCLAIMED NUSHAGAK COOPERATIVE CAPITAL CREDITS - Nushagak Co-op refunded capital credits to its members receiving service in 1989 and 2006.

Attached are two lists of names that recognize members whose check(s) was returned as undeliverable or remains uncashed from distributions made in 2016 and 2017. If you are on the list or you know someone on this list and have current contact information, please contact us at 907-842-6365 or email us at capitalcredits@nushagak.coop

Click here for the 2016 List

Click here for the 2017 List

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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Live and work where most people only dream of, in the beautiful, back to nature setting of Bristol Bay Alaska.

  • Apprentice Combination Technician CATV


Director Candidates Wanted

Three (3) directors will be elected to the Nushagak Cooperative Board at the 19th Annual Member Meeting scheduled for March 31, 2020. Members interested in being considered should apply.