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How to Scan your Set Top Box
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New Digital Cable

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Nushagak provides programming through Dish Network TV, featuring:


Call Customer Service at 842.5251 to sign up!


An alternative to digital television service........twelve channels, $25 a month, and no equipment needed.

Call Customer Service at 842.5251 to sign up.


Who is providing the digital programming?

Nushagak Cooperative brings you digital programming from Dish Network TV to include America’s Top 250 programming along with a 14-movie channel package (SD only).

What equipment do I need to watch digital television?

When you sign up for services, you will receive a digital set top box and a diagram to install it. The Set Top Box and QAM Box installs in a similar manner as a VCR. No other equipment is needed.

Do I have to purchase any equipment?

No. You do not need to purchase a satellite dish or any other equipment.

Will one Set Top Box work for all my TV’s?

If you want programming on more than one television, you will need a Secondary Set Top Box for each TV. You may also need to do some cable rewiring. If you don’t mind watching the same program on all of your televisions, you can get by with one Set Top Box.

Will I have to pay for the cable installation?

Standard installation will be from Nushagak’s cable television plant to the outside of your house. Inside wiring will be the customer’s responsibility; however, additional assistance can be arranged and billed on time and materials. As for the Set Top box, we will include instructions which should make installation easy. However if you need assistance, please contact a Customer Service Representative.


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